Judge holding gavel in courtroomPayment protection insurance (“PPI“) litigation rumbles on in the continuing matter of Ingenious Legal Ltd v Barclays Bank PLC in the High Court.

Manchester-based law firm, Ingenious Legal Ltd (“Ingenious“), which acts for customers in consumer credit cases, is suing Barclays Bank PLC (“Barclays“) for £2.2 million. This is after Barclays cancelled a cheque to refund Ingenious customers who were allegedly wrongly sold PPI amid fears about whether Ingenious legitimately represented the individuals.

Barclays allege that the reason for withholding the funds was due to receiving calls from “unspecified customers,” who led the bank to believe that Ingenious was bringing complaints on behalf of customers without the correct authority. Whereas, Ingenious insist that they have settled PPI claims for its clients with Barclays and that the bank had consequently drawn cheques in favour of the customers. However, between 16 March 2020 and 27 March 2020, Barclays revoked these cheques. The law firm said that they “had the authority of each of the clients to act on their behalf in intimating and compromising the PPI claims against the defendant.” According to Ingenious, “this authority derived from the written contract entered into by the claimant with each of the clients.”

Watch this space for more news as the case continues.