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FCA announces radical proposals to shake up premium pricing in GI market to improve competition for customers

We know that the regulator has long been concerned about different (and lower) premiums been offered to new customers compared to loyal customers who may not shop around for their insurances (the so called “loyalty penalty”). The FCA says that its work in the area has identified 6 million policyholders paying high or very high … Continue Reading

Win for FCA and some relief for policyholders in High Court BI insurance test case

The High Court ruled yesterday in favour of the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA“) on what the FCA describes as the “majority of the key issues” in its test case on insurance cover for business interruption (“BI“) losses incurred during the COVID-19  pandemic and subsequent Government imposed lockdown. The decision means that insurers may now have … Continue Reading

Insurers in call to cancel professional indemnity insurance for solicitors who are struggling to pay premiums

Earlier this month, the International Underwriting Association (“IUA“), the body representing underwriters in London that are separate from Lloyd’s, penned an open letter calling on the legal industry to allow insurers to cancel professional indemnity policies when lawyers fail to pay their premiums in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.… Continue Reading

FCA warns insurers to act fairly when paying small business COVID-19 related claims

Earlier this week, the FCA warned that it would get tough on against insurers that it finds are acting unfairly in paying COVID-19 related insurance claims. This was in response to complaints from small business groups that insurers are deducting the costs of Government grants from insurance pay-outs.… Continue Reading

Government to provide COVID-19 insurance for film and TV productions

Following its intervention in the trade credit insurance market back in May, the UK Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has just announced the launch of a Government-backed scheme worth £500 million pounds for domestic film and TV productions that are struggling to get COVID-19 related insurance. The inability of producers to access such insurance through the … Continue Reading

FCA updates on BI insurance test case

Last month we reported on the FCA’s plans for the future progress of its Financial Markets Test Case, a case that is intended to try and help resolve some of the legal uncertainties around business interruption (“BI”) insurance policy coverage and how various BI policies respond to COVID-19 related claims by insureds. Earlier this week, the … Continue Reading

Update on FCA’s Court Action on Business Interruption Insurance Cover

On 1 May 2020, we reported on the Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) plans to take Court action seeking a declaration on an urgent basis to try and help resolve some of the ongoing uncertainties around the much-publicised issue of business interruption (“BI”) insurance coverage and how the insurance responds to COVID-19 related claims by insureds … Continue Reading

FCA to take Court action on business interruption insurance and proposes measures to help consumers and small businesses with insurance products

Earlier today, the FCA announced that it will ask the Court for a declaration on an urgent basis to try to help resolve the ongoing uncertainties around the much publicised issue of business interruption (“BI”) insurance coverage that we have written about in the past few weeks.… Continue Reading

Business interrupted: the disputes begin

Battle lines are drawn up in the insurance industry as it becomes apparent that insureds and their lawyers are preparing to contest in Court any refusals by insurers to pay out on claims for business interruption (“BI”) and associated losses in the wake of the Government’s COVID-19 lockdown. Group actions are apparently being brought together … Continue Reading

FCA sounds warning to financial advisers on professional indemnity insurance amidst COVID-19 pandemic

The Financial Conduct Authority (“FCA”) requires all regulated firms to take out and maintain professional indemnity insurance (“PII”) to cover the financial losses that may be suffered as a result of customer claims and complaints against the firm. The FCA also mandates limits of indemnity for the PII.… Continue Reading